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Pimlico EMS Main Image.png

Pimlico Elementary/Middle School
Baltimore, MD


102,977 SF


Maintaining the historic character of the existing 1910 and 1924 buildings while creating a 21st century learning environment for the students was the overarching theme of the project.  New additions to the school work to stitch together the original buildings and resolve the different level changes within the individual buildings. 


Elementary school students are housed in the 1910 building and a new addition between the 1910 and 1924 buildings. The pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are on the lowest level, with first and second grade on the main level, and third, fourth, and fifth grade on the upper level. Collaboration areas are provided on the second and third floors to encourage students and teachers to work together, a key tenet of creating a 21st century school.


Middle school students are housed in a new addition to the east of the 1924 classroom building. Each floor of the addition houses one grade (sixth, seventh, or eighth), with a collaboration area in the middle. The existing 1924 building connects the new middle school and new elementary school additions and provides shared spaces between the two, promoting interaction between grades. The 1924 building serves as the main entrance into the school, which has a secure vestibule that channels visitors through the main office before they enter the school during operating hours.


Designed in association with Design Collective, Inc.

2019 Masonry Design & Craftsmanship Excellence Awards Winner: Education

2020 LEED Gold Certified

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