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Tilden Middle & Rock Terrace Schools

Rockville, MD


242,000 SF



The Tilden Middle School and Rock Terrace School project is a complex revitalization/expansion which collocates the two schools on the site of the current Tilden Holding School. The existing Tilden Holding School, located at the intersection of Tilden Lane and Marcliff Road, is currently being used as a training center and a private school. This two-story 116,400 SF school will be demolished to make way for the new 242,000 SF, three and two story building. When completed, the new Tilden Middle School facility will have a capacity of 1,215 students with a core of 1,500 students, and the Rock Terrace School will be designed to accommodate approximately 100 students. Some unique aspects of this project are the circulation requirements which aim to maintain the students from Rock Terrace School, a special needs school, separated from the Tilden Middle School population. The site also poses some challenges with sloping terrain throughout. Shared and collocated spaces in the center of the building promote staff collaboration and efficiency of uses and building services. Two main entries negotiate the site, each with its own identity, while they form a cohesive whole that enhances the neighborhood respecting the context and the actively engaged community.

2021 LEED Silver Certified

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