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Silver Creek Middle School

Silver Creek Middle School
Bethesda, MD



155,000 SF


The new Silver Creek Middle School represents the evolution of middle school design from a suburban to an urban model. This 155,000 SF building is the first four-story school in Montgomery County. Designed to accommodate 930 students with a core capacity of 1,200, the structure sits on a 13 acre, steeply sloping site. Since the program required a mixture of interior learning spaces in addition to exterior play fields, the building was designed as a four-story structure tucked into the hillside with entrances on two levels, which allows for maximum site use. Building up rather than out results in a minimal building footprint that creates an allotment for play fields and preserves existing green space and trees.
Building design goals included: 

• Creating a defined and welcoming entry with administrative suite control and supervision. 
• Designing a building with functional spatial relationships. 
• Developing a facility that allows easy supervision of students. 
• Allowing convenient and secure non-school hours access to activity areas of the building. 
• Designing a structure that respects the surrounding neighborhood. 
• Minimizing the footprint of the building to preserve existing green space and trees.

2018 LEED Gold Certified

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