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McNair Upper Elementary School

Herndon, VA



105,652 SF


McNair Upper Elementary School is a completed new upper level elementary school, grades 4 through 6 it's constructed on the existing McNair ES school site located in Herndon, VA. The new school is designed for a student capacity of 750 and to serve as a site adaptable, multi-story prototype school design in response to the decreased availability of large parcels of suitable land for school construction in Fairfax County. The three-story steel framed design provides a total gross floor area of 106,000 SF on the limited site. To reduce the building footprint, the gymnasium stacks above the cafeteria and the library stacks over administration. Classrooms, ten each per floor, are stacked vertically in three stories. The program includes a variety of public use spaces encouraging neighborhood connectivity that can operate physically independent from the school to allow both during and after school community use.

2021 CHPS Verified

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