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Manassas City Public School
Manassas, VA


George Carr Round Elementary in Manassas Virginia had a very neutral palette of white walls & floors. The design team used the school colors of red, yellow and blue to create dynamic linear patterns throughout the school. Yellow bands squiggle down some corridors intersected with red bands, whereas other corridors have blue squiggles to promote wayfinding. The new VCT flooring coordinates with the wall pattern and created linear lines down the corridors for students to walk on as they travel around the school for various activities. The gym floor was also updated with a similar floor pattern which coordinates with the corridors.

Osbourn High School is the sole high school of Manassas City Public Schools. MCPS reached out to Samaha for ways to incorporate branding in the process of painting the school. Existing eagle murals (the school's mascot) painted throughout the school, were incorporated into the new paint scheme. Three different patterns were tailored around the eagles painted in the three main stairwells, to enhance way finding in the school. School colors of navy blue and gray were utilized in the main corridors, assembly rooms, and throughout the school.

Samaha Associates is currently working with MCPS on Grace E. Metz Middle School, Mayfield Intermediate, R.C. Haydon Elementary School & MCPS's financial offices.

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