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City of Manassas City Hall
Manassas, VA


31,000 SF

The City of Manassas’ existing City Hall, built in 1984, had many of its original finishes and mechanical and electrical systems.   The renovation project has included programming with multiple departments, including the executive suite, mayor’s office, finance, human resources, treasurer, commissioner of revenue, and community development. The purpose of the renovation is to reorganize space to meet the current needs of each department and to create more inviting customer service areas. The design includes a public community room on the first floor, strategic areas throughout the building for display of public art, as well as new mechanical, electrical, and data systems. In addition to interior renovations, the project also includes a façade replacement. Located within the City’s historic district, the design has been vetted through the City’s architectural review board for approvals. As part of a long term vision for the City’s center of government, Samaha conducted massing studies to identify a potential new building on the same site.  

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