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DC Water Non-Process Facilities Master Plan & Updates

Washington, DC



DC Water selected Samaha to create a comprehensive master plan for all of the organization ‘s non-process facilities. The master plan included the following DC Water sites:

  • Blue Plains

  • Main & O

  • Fort Reno

  • Bryant Street

  • Anacostia


Samaha authored both DC Water’s 2010 Non-Process Facilities Master Plan and the 2013 update. Samaha has subsequently developed more detailed planning for individual sites (such as the Main & O Campus) and individual buildings (such as the Central Operations Facility). The master planning process included the following tasks:

  • Performing detailed field investigations of all sites and buildings containing non-process functions.

  • Developing as-built site plans and floor plans for use in planning efforts.

  • Interviewing DC Water staff from all departments to determine specific program needs.

  • Compiling a detailed program to accommodate current and future personnel, equipment, and vehicles.

  • Developing proposed multiple design options to improve future flexibility, efficiency, security, sustainability, and cost control.

  • Developing office workstation standards for each employee tier.

  • Providing cost estimates and timelines for implementation of proposed options.


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