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Calvin Rodwell EMS Main Image.png

Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD


111,694 SF

Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary/Middle school is a replacement school located in Baltimore Maryland. Through a joint venture with Design Collective, Samaha designed an 111,694 SF, four story school building. Located on a steeply sloping site the building is tucked into the hill to maximize site usage. The main entrance into the school and a small parking lot are located on the first floor level facing Liberty Heights Ave. A two story lobby connects the first floor level and the lower level of the school with an open collaboration space. On the lower level tucked into the hill is the gymnasium with direct access to the playground and fields. The four story classroom bar is organized by grades with the youngest kids on the ground floor and the middle school students on the top level. Capacity of the new school will be 760 students.

Designed in association with Design Collective, Inc.

2020 LEED Gold Certified

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