Sully Plantation House

Fairfax, VA



The Sully House is part of the Sully Historic Site operated as a historic museum in Fairfax County located at 3650 Historic Sully Way, Chantilly, Virginia. The house, believed to have been built in 1795, has been well preserved over the years and in 1970 it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It consists of a two-story, three-bay structure, with a piazza and a covered way leading to a detached kitchen and a one-story garret. Supported with foundations of native sandstone, the house has timber-frame construction with brick nogging walls, beaded weatherboards, brick end chimneys, and side-gabled roofs covered in wood shingles.


Samaha continues the preservation effort of this educational historic heritage providing design services for its architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural integrity updates. The project undertakes the repairs needed to ensure the longevity of the building and to provide minor code upgrades. The building’s exterior envelope will be repaired to improve its thermal and moisture resistance properties, including insulation replacement, roofing, wood siding, and window repairs.


The first floor’s structural system will be reinforced to support the increased load from future displays and increased occupancy use per code. Stone, masonry, and brick repairs throughout will carefully adhere to historical data. Plaster and flooring repairs will freshen up the interiors. Lastly, the electrical and mechanical systems will be upgraded to perform more efficiently and comply with the latest codes.