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INOVA Radiology Room 4 Main Image.png

INOVA Radiology Room #4 – ‘C’ Arm

INOVA Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, VA

Samaha provided design and construction administration services for the renovation of existing spaces at INOVA Fairfax Hospital as required for the installation of a multi-diagnostic eleva-flat detector unit and associated equipment. The purpose of the project was to reorganize existing spaces to increase efficiency, as well as plan for the new equipment installation. Structural analysis of the existing structure was performed and a new support system for the equipment was designed. Other upgrades to the spaces included improved lighting and HVAC adjustments. Samaha designed custom casework to accommodate various components of the new and existing equipment and materials. Radiation shielding design was also performed in consultation with the equipment vendor and the medical physicist. Space restrictions within the existing hospital posed unique challenges, with careful planning of contractor phasing and constructability within the occupied hospital considered throughout the design process. Samaha worked closely with the contractor and the hospital staff to ensure a seamless and successful project completion.

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