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Benjamin Elliott’s Coal Trestle Main Image.png

Benjamin Elliott’s Coal Trestle

Arlington, VA

Benjamin Elliott’s coal trestle on the W&OD Railroad was essential community infrastructure following its construction in 1926. However, the track adjacent platform used to unload rail cars of coal needed to heat local businesses and homes had weathered into disrepair and was overgrown with vegetation. After clearing the vegetation to expose the historic structure underneath, the Samaha team conducted a detailed survey of necessary concrete repair to mitigate further damage and preserve the historic feature. Our work included design of a viewing platform including interpretive signage to tell the story and ensure community engagement with the history of the unique site. Throughout the process our team collaborated with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development, structural engineers, and craftsmen to bring all of the best ideas together for a lasting contribution to history and education in our local community.

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